It’s time to get started

So many books have been written on the topic of leadership that they could stretch to the moon and back. So don’t expect to find a complete philosophy of leadership here.

But here are a couple of things you might think about, when it comes to Leadership at ACTS Church Lakeway:

  • Leadership is influence. If you have influence, you are a leader.
  • Some leaders stand up front. Most leaders will never climb up on stage but can usually be found behind the scenes: coaching, coordinating, helping, believing, encouraging, thinking, praying, and implementing.
  • If you want to lead, or if you wonder at the possibility that you might be a leader, then you’re in the right place. ACTS Church Lakeway is all about investing in those who are willing to use their influence to glorify God. Just let us know, and we will...
  • challenge you with books on leadership.
  • take you to conferences where you can observe and evaluate current models of leading.
  • throw you into situations where you can try your emerging leadership on for size.
  • connect you to a community of other growing leaders.
  • invite you to join us on occasional Leadership Adventures - where you will grow in your understanding of your own abilities and your unique mission as a leader.

Leadership is one of the best forms of Transformation. Because when you lead, not only are you being changed; but your influence is being used by God in the transformation of others.

“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you...leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously” (Romans 12:6, 8).