Lead Pastor: Pete Mueller
Inspires our staff and congregation to fully engage in our mission and strategy for multiplication.

As Pastor of ACTS Church Lakeway and Leader of the ACTS Church Network, Pastor Pete Mueller inspires others to fully engage in ACTS’ mission and strategy for multiplication. Pete serves the mission of ACTS primarily through vision-casting, communication, fund development, and leadership development. Prior to leading the Community of ACTS, Pete served churches in Ellisville, MO, and Phoenix, AZ. Pete gravitates toward the ‘A’ (Adventure) in the ACTS acronym. He loves to travel, backpack, mountain bike, and ski the trees.


Missionary of Discipleship: Kyle Frazier
Designs and develops multi-generational environments where people grow.

Kyle is blessed with the opportunity to serve at ACTS and connect with everyone from the congregation and throughout the community. A native to Southern California, Kyle is an avid fan of sports both as a spectator and, when able, a participant. Kyle’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his family made up of his wife Danielle and their two children Henry and Maria. If you ever find yourself in need of someone to grab coffee or a meal with, feel free to call or text Kyle and he’d love to meet with you.



Pete Mueller

pete mueller

lead pastor

Kyle Frazier

kyle frazier

missionary of discipleship