Made To Last Quote Photo of Man Planting Bulb

“Nothing can be done, except little by little.” ~ Charles Baudelaire

ACTS Church Lakeway conducted a Capital Stewardship Campaign in the fall of 2014 entitled “Made to Last.” Through this special effort, the congregation prayerfully intended to fund its next two church plants and be freed from its “Mountain Top” building loan obligation. With the elimination of a monthly mortgage payment, ACTS becomes ideally positioned for ongoing discipleship, missional generosity, and serial church planting.

Quotes inspire us. But beyond that, quotes have the power to move us into ACTION. We asked some people what moved them to participate in our ‘Made to Last’ Capital Stewardship Campaign. Take a look at their inspiring responses…

“We weren’t there for the kickoff of the campaign, but we’ve made a few specific contributions to the goal over time.

We give because its part of the calling of Christ to give freely and willingly, and we believe in the idea of planting churches and making our own congregation financially flexible. Being part of a church with a focus on planting new churches has given us some new perspectives on how the church can and must remain relevant in these times.” ~ Jeremy and Linda Wilken

“The main reason we participated in the ‘Made to Last’ Campaign is that it was a tangible way for us to embrace the ACTS value of SENDING by financially investing in the planting of new churches within the ACTS Network. The investment we made in the ‘Made to Last’ Campaign was meaningful to us because it allowed us to have a small part in planting new churches right here in the Austin metro area. It was also sacrificial for us because in order for us to make a monthly contribution, we had to agree as a family to give up a few discretionary entertainment things like going out to eat or to the movies. But it was a small sacrifice to make for what will hopefully be a big investment in growing God’s kingdom!” ~ Steve and Joan Childress

“The reason we participated in the ‘Made to Last’ Campaign was  because God has been so generous to us in every part of our life. Everything from blessing us with a wonderful family and friends to being a small part in bringing others to Christ!” ~ Jim Bailey

“In the first building campaign ‘Actions Speak Louder,’ we prayed about it and felt called to be a part of this church and we believed in its core values. There was no question whether or not we would participate, it was a matter of what level. Made to Last is a continuation of that commitment. We have seen lives changed through ACTS. We were interested in helping to pay off the mortgage more quickly so as to free up resources to serve the people God places before us in an even bigger way!

The investment has shown us how to trust in what God is placing on our hearts. Our initial commitment was a God-sized commitment for our family and not what really made sense. We made sacrifices to make that happen and we have been blessed more than we could imagine.  When the ‘Made to Last’ campaign came up, we knew we needed to continue to invest in what God is doing through this local church.” ~ ACTS Member

“Initially my reason for participating in ‘Made to Last’ had to do with my upbringing. When your church embarks on a effort of this nature, as a member of the body of Christ, you support it.

On a deeper level, until joining ACTS, I had always been a member of a big church. I attended regularly, but it was easy to attend on Sunday and walk away. I was very involved in the church growing up and through my teen years, but as an adult I had been involved in only a few activities and most of my relationships with people at church were with individuals I also knew through work.

Becoming a member of ACTS has made me realize the impact that a smaller church can have. I am much more involved in the activities of the church, truly know people in the congregation, and most importantly it has led me to a deeper relationship with Christ.With this personal experience, I find the goal of the ACTS Network to plant smaller churches where people live and work has special meaning to me. It made it easy, and important, to support the “Made to Last” campaign.” ~ Laurie Hockenberry

“WHY did I take part in MTL? Honestly, it wasn’t even a question of whether to participate or not. ACTS Church Lakeway is my home church and I have a commitment to support my church. There was definitely a lot of prayer around the amount of money to contribute, but for me I always knew I would participate.

HOW has the investment been meaningful to me? It has been a profound honor to contribute. That might sound corny, but this campaign is such an easy way for me to make an incredible impact on God’s kingdom. When we all combine our efforts for His glory, to reach more people, we can get so much farther than we can on our own. So contributing to ‘Made to Last’ allowed me to be a part of starting more churches, which is something I could never do by myself.” ~ Catherine Covington

“The timing of the Made to Last Campaign and the paying off of my students loans from my MBA coincided perfectly. Amy and I prayed over what to do with the money that had been dedicated to the monthly student loan payment. As we prayed, it became very apparent to us that a burden of debt had been lifted from us and was going to allow us some additional monthly cash flow freedom. Then came along the Made to Last Campaign. The similarities between our situation and the MTL Campaign had a divine link. At that point, we knew the best way to dedicate our funds was towards God’s mission – and what better way than helping the local church free itself from their mortgage debt in order to expand generosity, missions, and church planting!” ~ Rick Buffington

“Jesus in Matthew 28 instructs us to ‘go and make disciples of all nations.’ In Acts 1:8 we are exhorted to be Christ’s witnesses locally, regionally and throughout the world. It is a true privilege for Laurie and me to take part in the Made to Last Campaign as part of our expression of being God’s hand and feet locally here in the Lakeway/Austin community. Our support of ACTS Lakeway is never an expense. Rather it is an investment that has provided a return of one hundred fold. Through this investment we have been given opportunities to witness; to be part of a vibrant church family that has an impact locally, regionally, and internationally; and to be part of a community of believers that via the Holy Spirit strengthens our own faith, marriage and family.” ~ Kurt and Laurie Senske

“We are grateful to have been able to be part of the Made to Last campaign. No better investment than to use our resources to grow churches.” ~ ACTS Member

ACTS and Austin
Census data released in 2016 revealed that Austin is the fastest-growing large city in America, with the five-county metro area increasing by 200 people per day. Recognizing that ACTS Church Lakeway has been ideally positioned and planted, the congregation has boldly stated its intention to start three new churches per decade. With each new church planting new churches, the Lord may use ACTS to establish 25 new sacramental churches within the greater Austin area by 2025!

Below is what church multiplication looks like in the ACTS Network.

Multiplication Church Planting Diagram


Made to Last Update
This Capital Stewardship Campaign was conducted in the fall of 2014 and by the end of November 2017, ACTS Church Lakeway had raised $502,652.58. The first $100,000 raised has positioned ACTS Church Lakeway to start two new churches (in partnership with the Texas District LCMS and the ACTS Church Network).