The purpose of Skiin’ with the Galilean is to show the love of Christ by providing orphans, foster children, and people with special needs one of the greatest days of their lives. We do this by combining the thrilling sports of water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing with a life-changing message from the Bible to give them hope in their circumstance.

I started with Skiin’ with the Galilean in 2010 when my wife’s coworker asked us to be instructors on his boat. I have loved water sports since I strapped on my first pair of skis at around age 7. I never considered that spending a day on the water with kids was “being sent”. I knew my passion aligned with God’s purpose when I watched a foster kid who didn’t know how to swim transform and end the day on a tube screaming, “This is the best day of my life!”

Cory Gretlein



During the 2015 Christmas season, ACTS sold ornaments to provide sponsorships for children in the village of San Miguel, Guatemala to be given a high-protein nutritional drink called ‘Incaparina’. Josephine went to her mom and asked if they could buy an ornament to help the kids in Guatemala. She asked to help pay for it because she wanted to help the kids. She said, “I bought the ornament because I wanted to help. It’s what we do. I thought it would be cool to find one my age that was kind of like me because then I feel like I can connect with her better, like get closer to her.”

— Josephine Burgess, age 7



I was introduced to Chicktime through ACTS Church Lakeway. One Saturday each month, a group travels out to the New Life Children’s Center and participates in group activities with the girls.

As a daughter, mother and grandmother, I have always had a soft spot for women and children who were not as fortunate to grow up in the type of environment I had – one filled with faith, love and a strong sense of family.

I feel that God has blessed me with the gifts of being a good listener, someone who enjoys laughter, and with an ability to sew. Chicktime is a way I can utilize these gifts. I find great pleasure in laughing with the girls, hearing about their days, and being able to sew things for them. I have assisted in making ‘Bags of Hope’, and from all my material scraps I have so loved making the small Kleenex tissue covers.  We all shed tears, whether they be tears of sorrow, or tears of joy.

— Karen Bailey

My involvement with New Life and Chicktime began several years ago. A group at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church started by supplying, upon intake, bags containing pajamas, pillow cases and personal care items. We chose to call these gifts ‘Bags of Hope’ because many of the girls come to the New Life Children’s Center with nothing except the clothes on their backs.

It is such a pleasure to be able to hear some of their testimonies. It makes me want to get busy and do more! Please pray for these girls.

— Mary Cook