ACTS High School students at the National Youth Gathering in 2016

High-school (9th through 12th grade)
High school can be a time of making incredible memories and lifelong friendships. It can also be a difficult time of figuring out who you are and who you want to be. ACTS focuses on providing a safe place for teens to explore their faith, ask real-life questions, and own their relationship with Jesus. ACTS students help their friends experience first-hand the values of Adventure, Community, Transformation, and Sending through the High School Small Group. It meets about twice a month. The location changes depending on the activity. Contact Andrea for details. 


IMG_4653 - Copy (2)High-school students and Sunday mornings
Rather than offering a separate group or gathering for high-school students on Sunday mornings, our ministry philosophy leads us to include them in the weekly Worship Gatherings of ACTS. We challenge students to take on significant volunteer roles: playing in the band, running sound board, serving on prayer teams, or teaching/mentoring younger kids. ACTS is a great lab for faith and leadership development.



High School Small Group
High school students live daily in a growing mission field. Through relationships with mentors and peers, ACTS seeks to give students tools to share Jesus’ love within that mission field. Those relationships are formed and grow during our High School Small Group. There they dive deeper into their faith by opening the Bible together, eating meals together, playing games together, and doing fun activities in Austin! The group meets 6-8pm, twice a month, on Sunday nights. The location changes depending on the activity but we often meet at the ACTS property (Mountain Top). Connections continue beyond Sunday evenings through group service projects, boat days, camping trips, lock-ins, one-on-one hangouts, coffee time, movies, and basically any activity that a student might suggest. Come check out what it’s all about and bring a friend!


Special Events for High Schoolers
ACTS’ high-school students experience Adventure and Sending through youth gatherings and mission trips. ACTS high-school students have, in the past, attended Glorybound (a Texas-wide high-school youth gathering with 1000 youth) and the National Youth Gathering (involving 25,000 participants). These events have given them the opportunity to connect, to serve, and to ignite their faith lives!

This year, students have two options to be ‘sent’. They can step outside their comfort zone to be part of God’s  work in Asia with a team serving in Hong Kong from June 7-16. The following month ,from July 16-21, 200 students will impact our city as missionaries to Austin. Contact Andrea Bolognini to explore jumping into these adventures.


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