Austin American-Statesman Article – March 27, 2014

Census data released in the spring of 2014 revealed what residents of Austin’s traffic-clogged arteries had often wondered: that “the Texas capital and its neighbors are again the nation’s fastest-growing cluster of cities home to more than a million people.”

“Since April 2010, the net migration into the five-county metro area is 110 people per day, with an additional 30 per day added because births have outpaced deaths. Of those 140 people added each day, 81 have been settling in to Travis County.”
– Austin American Statesman, March 27, 2014

Could it be that we have been placed here under a Divine Plan “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14)? As Central Texas booms, we have the unmistakable opportunity to extend our mission of “Sending changed people into a changing world” by launching more life-giving churches.

In 2011 the ACTS Church Network was initiated with the specific purpose of helping churches launch churches in the greater Austin area. Between 2012 and 2013, ACTS Church Lakeway identified a group of families who would start a new church on the north edge of Austin. In September of 2013 ACTS Church Leander ( was officially launched under the leadership of Pastor Gabe Kasper and now joins ACTS Church Lakeway in the strategy of Multiplying Followers, Multiplying Leaders, and Multiplying Churches. The ACTS Church Network is currently engaged with both churches, boldly praying over a Spirit-fueled goal of launching 25 churches in the greater Austin area by 2025.

As we establish new churches, we will continue to develop a strong partnership with The Church Extension Fund of Texas. This agency provided the loan for our land and facility in Lakeway at a time when most banks would not have considered our application. The Church Extension Fund receives investments of individuals, and provides an attractive return, while using the capital to provide loans for the construction of more churches. To learn more about making an investment that pays twice, follow the link below:

texas district church extension fund