carolyn boden in belize

ACTS on mission in Belize

In 2016 Carolyn Boden was SENT as our missionary to Belize.

Born in Venezuela, Carolyn Boden is the daughter of missionaries. During her more recent years in Austin, she has found ACTS’ mission of ‘Sending changed people into a changing world’ to be a perfect fit. She readily admits that her life’s direction has been shaped by the ACTS Values of Adventure, Community, Transformation, and Sending. Carolyn is now answering God’s call to serve as a full-time missionary in Belize and is working in partnership with Central American Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS) to educate and equip mission teams and local leaders so that the influence of the Gospel continues to expand.

A message from Carolyn Boden, Missionary to Belize

New Years usually causes us to look forward to the future and to be thankful for the past. For me it‘s been a time also to prepare for my next year in Belize.

During my time in Belize during 2016, we conducted three ‘Research’ trip to explore villages and two ‘Get To Know’ trips that created 7 US Church partnerships with villages in the Toledo District in the south and Cayo District in the west. One past team will continue with their existing village partnership in Bermudian Landing.

Along with the village partnerships, CALMS host’s specialty teams that work with various local organizations and the government of Belize including a “Train the Trainer” workshop with the Ministry of Education and a Wheelchair Distribution with Inspiration Center and Hillside Medical Clinic.

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In 2016 we conducted our first “Pastoral Training Workshop” in the Orange Walk District and will continue in 2017 with four new workshop sessions that are being developed with US pastors and the Orange Walk Evangelical Pastor Association to train pastors and church leaders in family & marriage counseling, community outreach, and the Reformation. The Orange Walk Evangelical Pastor Association is assisting CALMS in developing the curriculum.

“This was wonderful because it helps to remind us that we need to have compassion on others as Christ has compassion on us. It will be great to have more of this to equip our leaders.” ~ Participant from the 2016 Pastoral Training Workshop

Other specialty teams for 2017 will include:

+ Wheelchair Distribution Ministry with Inspiration Center in Belize City and our partners in Belmopan, the Capital of Belize.

+ ”Train the Trainer” workshop with the Ministry of Education in Belize to be facilitated by our education partners from Seward, NE and St Louis, MO.

Carolyn Boden Belize 2017 infographic


I am thankful for the support I have received from my family and friends this past year.

~ Carolyn Boden, Missionary to Belize