acts church lakeway

Welcome to Mountain Top in Lakeway, Texas


Beyond Words

We use words to convey meaning. Beyond that, our words create culture. And culture is the vehicle that forms a Community.

The Community of ACTS Church Lakeway has gradually settled on a group of words that continually shape us and our future together. You might think of the following as ACTS’ Glossary of Terms:

1. Church. Primarily a group of people, not a building. Not a time of worship.“On arriving there, they gathered the church together…” (Acts 14:27).

2. Mountain Top. Our property in Lakeway where the church gathers regularly before being sent out again.

3. Worship Gatherings. Scheduled times of refreshment and recharge. KidsQuest and Grapple are break-out programs for kids during each Worship Gathering.

4. Sending Communities. Small or mid-sized groups of people who not only grow together but who intentionally go out to “be the church” together.

5. Mission. What the church does, what the church pursues, and what the church is evaluated by: Sending changed people into a changing world.

6. Values. Adventure, Community, Transformation, and Sending are the image-rich words that form our culture and describe the process by which we pursue our mission.

7. Multiplication Strategy. This is the process through which ACTS intends to accomplish its mission on the broadest level: Multiplying Followers. Multiplying Leaders, Multiplying Churches.

8. Marks of Discipleship. We believe that when people are growing as followers of Jesus, their lives will display it! We celebrate when old and young alike are Growing in Generosity, Growing in Grace, and Growing in a Group.

9. ACTS Church Network. The ACTS Network was initiated in 2011 with the specific purpose of Helping churches launch churches in the greater Austin area.

“I have long believed in the power or a word or a single phrase to effectively communicate a business imperative – and to inspire people. The best words are never big or complicated, but are packed with emotion and meaning…”
— Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks